The Six Wives Of Henry VIII [DVD]

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Anonymous says:

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived A wonderful four part series narrated by the upbeat and energetic David Starkey. He steals the show from the “real” actors who act out historical scenes – his dynamic, witty and direct speaking style is quite captivating. The series is very atmospheric as Starkey narrates from historically relevant buildings, and the “real” actors wear colourful and luxurious costumes to play their part.Starkey describes the somewhat unbelievable events that occurred in the private…

Anonymous says:

Good History This part of history, as presented by Dr. Starkey is about the women; Henry himself is less rounded, in a way, and less powerful outside of “what Henry wants, Henry gets.” A slave to love and a sucker for any wilful resistance that merely inflames his desire, he appears a weak king holding the reins of power. The women in his life, as presented here, appear adept and knowing, with the exception of Anne of Cleves, but they hold less of the cards and no trumps in what is a period of intense…

Anonymous says:

understanding henry tudor-well almost! i am an avid scholar of the reign of ‘dear harry’,and like to read/see as much as i can about the era.this dvd makes this period easier to understand and,although nothing like the recent tudors televised,it is a good dvd to have as a ‘reference’standby.i do enjoy dr starkeys commentary and feel the explanations he gives,go far enough,without waffling on about too much tudor politics[that would be another dvd of its own]yes, definitly recommended.

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